Windscreen Repair

Windscreen repair is a cheap but proven alternative to replacing damaged windscreens. A windscreen repair is accomplished by injecting a specially formulated liquid resin into the damaged area. The resin is then cured with UV light to make a structural bond with the glass and then scraped flat to the surface of the glass and polished to restore structural strength and clarity to the glass.

Our technicians are fully trained to make sure your chip or small crack is restored to its original strength using the most modern machinery available on the market.

We promise never to replace a windscreen if it can be repaired

Windscreen Replacement

Our windscreen replacement service operates across the region replacing cracked, damaged and smashed windscreens as well as all other types of auto glass. Our services include fitting your car windscreen or any other door or backlite glass on site, often on the same day of your enquiry at your convenience.

All auto glass installed by our company is produced by major automotive glass manufacturers using the same specification and production standards as Original Equipment used in the assembly of vehicles. Therefore, all our glass is classified as Original Spare Parts or alternatively we can use the actual dealer part.

Our technicians are put through vigorous training to ensure your glass is installed correctly and safely. We believe it is our duty to look after you when driving and we give a Lifetime Guarantee on the installation.

We fit safety, not just glass.

ADAS Windscreen Calibration Service

As the leading windscreen replacement company in the UAE and Middle East region we have invested heavily in ADAS calibration technology now available at our workshop, meaning we can provide windscreen replacement and camera calibration at the same time.

Auto Glass Middle East LLC is working closely with our UK partners, Master Auto Glass Ltd, on an ADAS Approved Code of Practice which is currently out for consultation and will set out how calibration should be carried out to ensure the safety features continue to work as intended, making roads safer for all users.


Distribution & Export

Auto Glass Middle East LLC, is a national and international distributor of replacement glass for the automotive vehicle sector. We have over 25 years of experience serving the UK Automotive Glass Replacement (AGR) industry and our team of knowledgeable experts will assist you with all your glass requirements for the GCC and North African markets.

Our warehouse stocks all models and if we do not stock your glass, we guarantee to source it through you through our European partners. Please do not hesitate to contact for any glass from Fiat to Ferrari, or BMW to Bentley.

We can supply your glass whether it’s just one piece or a bulk order.

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